Customizable Agate Tray

Resin Tray: $119.00 (+shipping)

This Tray is Made to Order so when you place an order for this tray you can customize it to any color you desire!

This beautiful multi-purpose resin tray has an eye-catching quartz cluster! This tray can be used to display your jewelry in style or it can be used to serve some yummy snacks! It's the perfect gift for any occasion!

If interested in buying this product please contact me directly (my contact information is located on the bottom of this page), or send me a DM on Instagram (located at the top of the page). I am always available to answer any questions.

The tray is handcrafted and measures 13.5" by 9" approx. The tray can be used for hot or cold food/pots/pans/drinks, is safe for food, and the resin is water and heat-resistant.